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IMDEX 2023

8th May 2023

DEFINA is proud to announce its successful participation in the highly anticipated IMDEX 2023 show held on 3rd to 5th May 2023. The event was a resounding success for the association, as it received positive feedback and garnered significant attention for its innovative exhibit.
During the three-day event, DEFINA showcased its members' latest technologies and services to an international audience of industry professionals, including exhibitors and visitors from around the world. The association's booth was strategically located and designed to showcase the breadth of talent and expertise among its members.
"We are thrilled with the success of our participation in IMDEX 2023," said Kelvin Chong, President at DEFINA. "Our members worked tirelessly to showcase their latest technologies and services, and the feedback we received from visitors and exhibitors alike was overwhelmingly positive. We are grateful for the support of our members and the opportunity to highlight their impressive work."
DEFINA's exhibit amazed visitors and exhibitors alike with its innovative displays and engaging demonstrations. The association's members were commended for their professionalism and expertise in the field, and the exhibit was a testament to the strength and vitality of defense industry.
Overall, DEFINA's participation in IMDEX 2023 was a great success, and the association looks forward to continuing to support and showcase the talent and innovation of its members in the years to come.

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